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“….We were two incompatible people, and I made my share of mistakes, but it just seemed like nothing could ever make her happy. I sensed that she was upset even on the night of our wedding. She had just met my parents for the first time, and my dad was a scientist, and he showed slides from my childhood where the whole family was wearing mismatched plaids. She was a sophisticated Southern California girl, and I think that it began to dawn on her that I didn’t fit her idea of a Prince Charming. After that it was twenty-eight years of going downhill. We should have ended it. But both of us came from a religion that taught us if you went to church together, and prayed together, then everything would fix itself. But nothing I did made her happy. She wanted a house, so I bought a house and spent one thousand hours remodeling it. She claimed that I had no style, so I tried to wear new clothes. I tried dying my hair. She complained that I didn’t know how to dance, so I privately took dance lessons for two years. But when I finally surprised her by taking her out to dance, she was unimpressed. I even went to a hypnotherapist to try to be more exciting. But in the end, she basically said: ‘You’re a great father and a nice guy. You’re just too boring.’’


Kάθε Παρασκευή, η Natasouko διαλέγει την αγαπημένη της ιστορία από τη σελίδα Humans of NY και της δίνει μορφή.

 ο πρώτος νικητής HOPE βρέθηκε με την ιστορία της AGGELIKINT να γίνεται σκίτσο. Ο διαγωνισμός μας συνεχίζεται.



quote by Charles Bukowski
comic by Zen Pencils





Anti-Suffragettes comics

Posted: 17th December 2012 by socomic in Vintage Comics
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the sug

the sug





…με χιουμοριστικές αναφορές για το κίνημα των Suffragettes, διάφορα cartoon και γελοιογραφίες της εποχής…


” Suffragettes were drawn as conniving coquettes, ugly, mean spinsters or, worse, ugly, mean wives who left their families helpless as they attended town-hall meetings. Scenes of women politicians showed them hatching diabolical plots to undermine and emasculate men further. …

“Married Suffragettes were depicted as nagging wives, that was a common one, and the wife was always big, and the husband tiny and puny,” [historian June] Purvis says. “Or, if they were single, Suffragettes were depicted as very ugly women with big feet, protruding teeth, hair pulled back in a bun, and glasses. They were depicted as quite mannish and unattractive so that no man would want to marry them.”





By seemikedraw

I Want To Be A Nobody!

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