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“Venus on the Beach” by Roz Chast 

“For me, seeing the ocean is just very primal,” Roz Chast says about her “Venus on the Beach” cover. We reached Chast in Narragansett, where she’s vacationing with her family. “We’ve been coming up here for about twenty-five years,” she continues “I feel like I have to go back every summer. I don’t know. I need to see the ocean again—to make sure it’s still there, I guess. And I go in eventually, no matter what the weather. Maybe this has something to do with growing up in Brooklyn and always going to the beach when I was a kid. First to Brighton, and then to Manhattan Beach. Now going to the beach is a very important part of my life, and of our kids’ lives—at least in the summer.”







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Mother’s Day via Roz Chast

“There must be some long German compound word for the feelings that most people have about their parents, this mix, this stew of gratitude and resentment,” says Roz Chast, “or maybe I’m just speaking for myself.”




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