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REBEL REBEL The graphic biography of David Bowie is Con Chrisoulis’ follow up serialised graphic novel to TALES OF THE SMITHS and DRYLAND.
The series will be updated every Wednesday and Friday at 13:00.

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  1. Loren MacGregor says:

    For a great long while, I thought I was the only one who had ever heard of, let alone listened to Gustav Holst and “The Planets”; that was before I ran into people who told me what a terrible piece of music it was. (They were the same people who told me Stravinki’s “Rites of Spring” was “unplayable.” I cannot say what a profound sense of satisfaction it is to learn that both David Bowie and the producer of “The Quartermass Experiment” agreed with me!

    As always, excellent work, Con, tying together disparate elements to make a cohesive story.

    • Many thanks for the insight and the comment, Loren.
      As a Baby Boomer and product of the Atom Age, Bowie was intrigued by all things Space Age and sci-fi – which explains his Ziggy persona far more than any other theory!
      By living in a “collective” of sorts Western civilization, we all tend to share tidbits of information and even experiences. Our common love for The Planets and Stravinsky is no exception to that rule!