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REBEL REBEL The graphic biography of David Bowie is Con Chrisoulis’ follow up serialised graphic novel to TALES OF THE SMITHS and DRYLAND.
The series will be updated every Wednesday and Friday at 13:00.

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  1. Karin Parramore says:

    WOW! I sure would love to see that pic. Do you know the name of the paper that published it?

    • Karin Parramore says:

      Have you considered using Mummy instead of Mommy? 🙂

    • Hello Karin,
      unfortunately, even though Bowie mentioned a paper and the supposed headline, I haven’t been able to locate it yet! 🙂
      Here’s hoping though, as I will keep searching in case REBEL REBEL is published in a single tome in the future!

      • Karin Parramore says:

        We should talk–I have already made preliminary connections to The Doncaster Chronicle, but as their papers are not online (or even on fiche!) I have to go there directly to see the original papers, it seems. I will be there in the coming months and a visit is already planned. I will send you a copy, if I find it!

        • Hello again Karin,
          It definitely sounds interesting! Let me know if you find anything!
          I’ve tried seeing as many old British Pathenews reels from their free online archive from the Queens first Yorkshire tour, in case the incident was caught on film, but to no avail!