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“I’m trying to be an artist, but my parents just don’t understand. I showed a painting to my mom, and I was like: ‘Do you like it?’
And she was like: ‘I guess, but why is there a cigarette? Are you smoking now?’
And I was like: ‘No, Mom. The cigarette represents pain.’
And she was like: ‘Did we not love you enough?’ via HONY

(Tehran, Iran)

Ο διαγωνισμός Hope, της εβδομάδας ολοκληρώθηκε! Νικήτρια η ΑΝΔΡΙΑΝΑ Α.!

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  1. Natashakat says:

    “I’m trying to focus on my first year in college while my parents get divorced. They told me when I came home for Thanksgiving break. They’ve been together since they were my age. Dad wanted to be a successful artist. He was always the dreamer. He was the one that played games with me, while Mom was the one that helped me with my homework. I just don’t think that Mom felt she could grow with him anymore. She’d recently gone back to school and gotten a new job. Dad is still hoping that his art will get noticed. She thinks he needs to be realistic. He thinks she lost hope too early. Ever since they decided to separate, I noticed that a light seemed to dim in my dad. But a light seemed to grow in my mom.”

  2. “What’s your favorite thing about your mom?”
    “She nags me a lot. And I know that doesn’t sound like a good thing, but that means she loves me.”


    Και αυτό επειδή κάποια πράγματα δεν είναι δεδομένα και αυτονόητα όπως νομίζουμε…

  3. “Our mother left when we were young. One morning we woke up and there was no breakfast in the kitchen and our clothes weren’t laid out. Dad got very bitter. We started seeing rolled up dollar bills on the table. I think he maybe slept six nights that entire first month. He went from sniffing cocaine, to smoking cocaine, to doing heroin. The drugs actually made him tougher on us. We had less freedom than ever. But by the time we were teenagers, we were beginning to get noticed in the music world. We were getting gigs. We were called The Stokes Family Singers. We even met Michael Jordan when we did a concert at his restaurant. But Dad had a stroke at work one day and died suddenly. And everything came apart.”

    “We started with Daddy, Munchie, and Stimpy. But one night I woke up and heard “bloop, bloop, bloop” and Munchie and Stimpy had died at the same time. So Daddy has been through a lot. He lost his whole family. But Daddy is strong. He’s been holding on since October and he’s lived through two long car rides. He also survived four days without eating because I bought him food that was too big for his mouth. So Daddy’s a survivor. But I’m going to get him a friend. I want him to love again.”

  5. “I work for a plumbing company. You probably wouldn’t guess by looking at me, but I talk about toilets all day long. I mainly work in sales. But if the toilets are broken, I’ll handle that too. You should see the reaction I get from a group of guys when I tell them that I’m here to fix the toilets.”


  6. ΑΝΔΡΙΑΝΑ Α. says:

    Ο Noah και ο Lucas Aldrich, 8 και 6 χρονών αντίστοιχα πήραν μέρος σε δύο τρίαθλα για παιδιά. Το πιο εντυπωσιακό του θέματος; Ο Lucas είναι παράλυτος.
    Ο αδερφός του, Noah, τον κουβαλούσε σε όλη τη διαδρομή – 200 μέτρα κολύμπι, 3 μίλια ποδήλατο και 1 μίλι τρέξιμο – . Αν αναλογιστούμε ότι οι περισσότεροι ενήλικες δεν μπορούν να αντεπεξέλθουν σε αυτό, ο Noah είναι ένα παιδί-θαύμα.

  7. ΜΑΡΙΑΝΘΗ Κ. says:

    Ο Cayden Taipalus μπορεί να είναι μόνο 8, αλλά ξέρει ακριβώς το αληθινό πνεύμα της φιλανθρωπίας.
    Βλέποντας πως το σχολείο αρνήθηκε σ’ έναν φίλο του ένα ζεστό γεύμα, γιατί δεν είχε άλλη πίστωση στο λογαριασμού του, ο Cayden έκανε ό, τι μπορούσε για να εξασφαλίσει ζεστά γεύματα για τα λιγότερο εύπορα παιδιά. Ξεκίνησε να πουλάει τη συλλογή του με μπουκάλια, μεταλλικά κουτιά και άλλα διάφορα αντικείμενα και ζητούσε από τους συγγενείς του δωρεές για την αποπληρωμή των ληξιπρόθεσμων λογαριασμών γευμάτων στο σχολείο του. Ο Cayden συγκέντρωσε σχεδόν $ 40.000 για να βεβαιωθεί ότι «κανένα παιδί δεν πεινάει ».