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“The first time I tried to kill myself was when I was twelve years old. It just didn’t feel like I had a space in the world. It seemed like everyone hated me. When I got my first period, the other students found my pads in my backpack and threw them around the school. Another time everyone got together and threw rocks at me. When I’d get home, I’d go straight to my room to avoid my father. I moved to New York when I turned eighteen because I felt like I needed a drastic change. And the move has given me much more confidence in myself. But I still feel very alone. Loneliness has become such a big part of me that I always migrate towards it. It’s like a person who’s always sitting next to me. And I’ve learned to like it. ” via:HONY


O διαγωνισμός HOPE ολοκληρώθηκε, νικήτρια η foxel