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από τον Έκτορα

matticchio travelling mermaid

Travelling Mermaid 

fox bracelet

the stylish mermaid is wearing a Fox bracelet

ma_sirena e gattofrustrated mermaid


by the fantastic Franco Matticchio via:theanimalarium

matticchio jazz



Franco Matticchio by animalarium

1 braldt bralds polar bears st. louis zoo

 Braldt Brals
2 Bears by Ruth Krauss and Phyllis Rowland, 1948

Ruth Krauss and Phyllis Rowland, Bears, 1948
6 the cat 1925 finsbryElizabeth Cadie

7 les dandys ibride design studio lost at e minor

Ibride Design, Bel-Ami

9 alvaro argeaga he making of a gentleman

Alvaro Arteaga

9a Yu Molokanov 1977 p_s

 Yu Molokanov, 1977

10 claudeandgus ann wood

Ann Wood, Claude and Gus

14 catrin arno watch out

Catrin Welz-Stein


 3 joanna wright via teresa porcella

Joanna Wright

6 timothy c. raglin anteaterchair

 Timothy C. Raglin

9 Bojana Dimitrovski

 Bojana Dimitrovski

11 catherine zarip

Catherine Zarip

By animalarium, a blog about animals as an endless source of creative inspiration.