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REBEL REBEL The graphic biography of David Bowie is Con Chrisoulis’ follow up serialised graphic novel to TALES OF THE SMITHS and DRYLAND.
The series will be updated every Wednesday and Friday at 13:00.

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  1. Lyndal says:

    I have also been wondering about what happened to Terry in the armed forces. I located a record of a Terence Jones at Chigwell RAF who was among the Ground Radio Servicing Squadron 4: See also the aerial erectors association: which describes the training undertaken by National Servicemen in climbing the massive aerials.
    It is quite possible Terry failed at this gruelling work, as many did, and so he could be the same person as you are tracking.
    Thanks for your great bio, I’m enjoying it.

    • Hello Lyndal,

      I am using a combination of sources, incl. biographies and RAF records.
      As mentioned in the strip, even if we find his exact stations, it’s really hard to find out what happened behind closed (barracks) doors.