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REBEL REBEL The graphic biography of David Bowie is Con Chrisoulis’ follow up serialised graphic novel to TALES OF THE SMITHS and DRYLAND.
The series will be updated every Wednesday and Friday at 13:00.

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  1. Dominic Arnold says:

    This is most interesting.

    I’ve seen episodes 33 to 37 but where can I download the previous ones? And is the original artwork available hi res?

    Love on ya


    • Hello Arnold,
      you can read the whole series by clicking on the Rebel Rebel tag.
      No, the series is not available in HD, as it is a webseries and I will be collecting the whole comic (in book format) when it is completed – just like I did with my previous series, Tales of The Smiths. So HD will be available one day, but in book format! 🙂
      All the best,