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“A Day at the Beach,” by Kadir Nelson.

» I grew up close to the shore, and I have always loved spending time at the beach,” the Los Angeles-based artist Kadir Nelson says of his cover for this week’s issue. “When I was young it meant time with my dad, and now that I’m a father myself I relish the long summer days spent with my own children.”


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“Schomburg Center, Harlem, New York,” by Kadir Nelson

Kadir Nelson’s painting for the cover of this week’s issue celebrates the Schomburg Research Center, in Harlem. He says he wanted to create “a stylistic montage as an homage to the great Harlem Renaissance painters: Aaron Douglas, William H. Johnson, Norman Lewis, Jacob Lawrence, Elizabeth Catlett, Archibald Motley, and Palmer Hayden.” Also on Nelson’s mind were artists and performers like the Nicholas Brothers, Billie Holiday, and Duke Ellington; the activist Malcolm X; and writers such as James Baldwin and Zora Neale Hurston. via:TheNewYorker

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«The hardest thing for me to draw was the happy little girl,” John Cuneo says of “Winter Delight,” his cover for this week’s issue. “Drawing unhappy adults in bulky winter clothes hunched over their phones is much more in my comfort zone. I’m on the misanthrope side of the coin, so, looking at this, my wife said, ‘Wow! This is uncharacteristically upbeat for the man who lives here.’ ”

via:The New Yorker by John Cuneo

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“Let’s take a moment to celebrate the difficult ground that has been gained by courageous women throughout the world,” Frank Viva says regarding his cover for the first issue of 2016, “The Long View.”

via:The New Yorker

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Ο Adrian Tomine σκιτσάρει το εξώφυλλο του The New Yorker, παρακάτω εξηγεί..

“I think it’s kind of beautiful and hilarious to see people eating their organic kale and quinoa salads while gazing across the opaque, fetid water,” Adrian Tomine says of his cover for this week’s issue, “Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn.” “It’s strange to see the recent proliferation of health-conscious and environmentally conscious restaurants and grocery stores, right next to the piles of scrap and rubble. I guess it proves that there’s no part of the city that can’t be revitalized, recontextualized, or ruined—depending on your point of view.”



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Το εξώφυλλο του Kadir Nelson, για το περιοδικό, σχετικά με τον Τυφώνα Κατρίνα.

» I wanted to capture the memory of Hurricane Katrina and its aftereffects—the spirit of New Orleans, its resilience, its culture,” Kadir Nelson says of his cover for this week’s issue, which coincides with the tenth anniversary of Katrina. “And one of the first images that came to mind was a kid playing music, an image somber and hopeful at the same time.”via:newyorker

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“It’s distressing contemplating another story like this,” Barry Blitt says about the appalling murders referenced on next week’s cover. “But not really surprising, I guess.” via:thenewyorker

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