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“Even though I secretly aspire to a de-cluttered apartment, the lower one pictured is what I identify with,” Ivan Brunetti said about this week’s cover. “I know that the dense remnants of the twentieth century can now be fitted into a few small devices; yet in my so-called real life, I have continually accumulated more and more impedimenta, trappings, and just plain stuff.” via:thenewyorker


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«Getting There» via:Ivan Brunetti

“I’m someone who’d prefer to live in a hermetically sealed bubble,” says Ivan Brunetti about this week’s cover, “Getting There.” “But you can’t have a normal life that way, so I try my best to somehow be part of the world. But it’s not like everyone around me is the problem. Often times, I’m the problem!”

Music Brings Us All Closer


«Music Brings Us All Closer» by Ivan Brunetti.



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fast food by Ivan Brunetti  via:newyorker

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“Goings On About Town,” by Ivan Brunetti